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BYS Repair Waterontharders

- Repair of gelcoat- and polyester damages, invisible, as new and in right colour (see pictures repair).

- Modifications to the yacht, for example extension of the bathing platform.
- Gelcoat refit by different technologies such as:
  • Grinding and polishing without rotation swirls
  • Nanotechnology
  • Finish with longlasting wax-treatment The quality of the gelcoat determines the choice of the refit-technology.

    - Expert check and advice on buying a new or used polyesteryacht: survey of condition of the
    gelcoat and the polyester in general as well as possible damages which could be present. All
    findings are reported. - Measure of moisture at osmosis.
    - Expert advice about underwatersystems and their applications.

    - Periodical maintainance according to schedules for a well-maintained yacht.
  • GRP repair, refit, survey & maintainance